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The manufacture of rebuilt commercial vehicles is the core business of Boon Koon Group Berhad (BKG). Rebuilt commercial vehicles are recognised as the first of their kind and are classified under a category of their own in the local automotive industry. 

The types of BKVI rebuilt commercial vehicles available are:

  • Rebuilt Commercial Vehicles
    • Articulated Truck
    • Heavy Duty
  • Rigid Truck
    • Light Duty
    • Medium Duty
    • Heavy Duty
    • Specialised
  • Utility Vehicles
    • Pickup Truck
    • Panel Van

Their many unique and competitive advantages make them a popular choice among MNCs and established corporations dealing with:
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Haulage
  • building & construction
  • Waste management
  • Materials handling

BKG's rebuilt commercial vehicles come in a wide selection of GVWs ranging from 1 tonne to a maximum of 44 tonne, covering Japanese makes such as Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan, Hino and Continental makes such as Mercedes, Renault, Volvo and Scania.

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BKG's subsidiary Boon Koon Vehicles Industries Sdn Bhd (BKVI) undertakes the fabrication of bodyworks. The types of bodyworks fabricated are as follows:

  • Wood-Based Bodyworks
    • Fixed side cargo
    • General cargo with vertical tail gate
    • General cargo body
    • Crane cargo
    • General cargo trailer
  • Tipper Body
    • Rigid tipper body
    • Tipping container
    • Tipper trailer
  • Box Body
    • Normal body box
    • Body box with tail lift
    • Spandry body box
    • Ventilated body box
    • Insulated box body

  • Roll-On/Roll-Off Body
    • Arm-roll/hooklift with open/closed top garbage container

  • Curtain Sider
    • City sider
    • Flexi sider

  • Refrigerated Body
    • Fabrication of refrigerated body in accordana to our local specifications and as per customer specifications

  • Trailers
    • Fabrication of trailers as per our local specifications and customers specifications

  • Others
    • Hearse body
    • Garbage container
    • Steel body
    • Log-lift
    • Roll-loader
    • Ability to fabricate in accordance to customer requirements

Our range of bodyworks capability is not limited to the ones listed above.

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